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Professional Singer

More and more married couples want to have live music during mass or during the secular celebration. In order to meet this demand, I intervene solo on quality instrumental bands or accompanied by the musician or musicians of your choice (Organist, pianist, guitarist, harpist, violinist ...) on the highlights of the mass.

In order to have a lively ceremony, I guide your guests during the various interventions of the assembly and accompany them on key moments of the nuptial blessing or mass.

  I can also, in line with the priest, take charge of singing the ordinary of the Mass and intervene during the Eucharistic prayer on the Sanctus, the Anamnesis or the Agnus Dei.


The performed repertoire can be sacred but also profane if the priest allows it, so it is not rare that I sing during the same ceremony an Ave Maria, Gospel and more current music in order to satisfy everyone's tastes.

  Accustomed to nuptial blessings and marriage masses, I can accompany you and guide your choices during the preparation appointment.

I have at your disposal a whole repertoire of sacred music that I offer you according to your tastes and desires.

Our services are all voiced by us with professional equipment to guarantee good sound quality.

We offer a very soft price for the ceremony animation + cocktail formula

You can discover our cocktail directory here.

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Bénédiction en trio

An elegant performance with a trio of musicians who brilliantly enliven your religious ceremony.

Harp, violin, voice


Messe en trio

The warm sound of the cello mixes with the harmonics of the piano and the ... magical voice ...

Piano, cello, voice


Messe en duo

The Aphrodite duo will accompany you throughout the day by hosting your ceremony and then your cocktail.

Piano, voice


Cérémonie en trio

Three professional musicians to animate your ceremony indoors as well as outdoors.

Piano, violin, voice

Voice and Piano

The ceremony of your wedding is approaching, have you thought of music?

A duo or trio of live musicians, playing only for you and the people you love,

allows to exalt the emotions and to highlight the key moments of your ceremony.

We can intervene throughout the secular ceremony by punctuating musical entertainment, rituals or interventions by your loved ones.

The guests begin to arrive, we make them wait to the sound of a few jazz or pop standards in order to make their installation warmer. They are invited to take places on some famous tunes in order to prepare the secular ceremony in an atmosphere rich in emotions.

The music at the entrance of married is unavoidable, what is more romantic than walking to the one we like the sound of his favorite song ... sequence ensured emotion! During the preparation meeting with the bride and groom, they can choose a song from our repertoire that we will perform at that time.

Different rituals punctuate the ceremony and we can perform songs at this time in their entirety or split if you do not want it to last too long. We are there to accompany and beautify your secular ceremony, not to impose the music.

The music during the wedding couple's exit at the end of the ceremony is also important. Ending the celebration, a joyful and festive song accompanies the release of


Anne Laure, professional pianist, can also perform solo at certain times during the secular ceremony.

Our years of experience allow us to adapt to the different times of the ceremony, we are also here to help you during the preparation of the secular ceremony.

We have the possibility of adding instruments to the initial training (violin, cello ...)

We offer a very soft price for the ceremony animation + cocktail formula

You can discover our cocktail directory here.

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