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Cocktail Mademoiselles

Let's make your guests swing during your cocktail or reception

Are you looking for a live band or a jazz and swing band to entertain your private events with a touch of “élégance”?

The “Mademoiselles” are in charge, and will lead your guests to a delicious vintage atmosphere, taking them to some retro-style parallel universe.

Your friends will be delighted to be swayed by their music while chatting, drinking some cocktail or trying out some Charleston or Boogie Woogie steps.
Used to this type of event, the band will easily manage to adapt to the newlyweds’ will, in order to create a chic and chilled atmosphere.

groupe de swing musique mariage musiqemariage boheme musique mariage vintage

Professionals formed at the Toulouse and Pau Conservatoires, the 6 musicians can perform for your Vin d’honneur or your evening. Based in Toulouse (France), they can travel to get to your party, in France or abroad, for your greatest pleasure.

  • Private evenings

  • Business meals

  • Birthdays

  • Christmas Tree parties

  • Wedding cocktails

  • Corporate events

  • D-Day commemoration ceremony

4 sets...4 atmospheres

From Vintage Jazz and Electro-Swing to Charleston and Swing, the band manage to adapt to the different moments of your event, creating your perfect Vintage Party. They will know how to discretely perform at the beginning of the evening to allow your guests to chat, how to warm up the dancefloor, and why not teach your guests how to dance on a little choreography.

Being experienced professionals, the artists will know how to adapt to the atmosphere of the moment.

chanteuse mariage chanteuse mariage occitanie chanteuse mariage nouvelle aquitaine chanteuse cocktail groupe de swing occitanie

Cocktail Mademoiselles...

Have a good listening !

Vintage Wedding

Two of the three singers having a classical training from the Toulouse Conservatoire, we offer you the possibility a formula including the presence of one of the singer for your religious or secular union ceremony in addition to the evening show.

Your guests can discover classical arias during the afternoon and then chill out on a jazz-swing repertoire in the evening.

We can bring our own professional sound system and arrive 2 hours before the beginning of the show in order to be ready when your guests arrive.

Different formulas

The « Mademoiselles » can operate through different formulas :


  •  The "Mademoiselles " with 8 artists including 3 singers, 1 pianist, 1 doublebassist, 1 drummer, Franck their favorite sound engineer, and Pierre who created their light show

  • The "Mademoiselles" with 6 artists (3 singers and 3 musicians)

  • The "Cocktail Mademoiselles" with 3 singers performing on quality soundtracks

Diamond's are the girl best friend - Mademoiselles

musque swing mariage swing marage vintage soirée vintage chanteuses swing groupe de swing occitanie groupe de swing nouvelle aquitaine
mariage vintage musiqu mariage boheme musique fod truck mariage occitanie groupe musique nouvelle aquitaine
mariage vintage, débarquement, musique débarquement, groupe swing occtanies groupe musique mariage
  • Cérémonie des voeux Mécaprotec industries 
  • Casino Barrière de Dinard 
  • Escale Amiral Ronarc'h
  • Mariage Vintage Chic
  • Les "Buissonières" de Fronton 
  • Evénement privé 
  • Girondins de Bordeaux 
  • Casino de Biarritz 
  • Casino Circus de Carnac
  • Casino de Hyères
  • Domaine de Montjoie...
Diamond's are the girls best friend - Cocktail Mademoiselles
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